Magnet – Daily Prompt

What a sunny day it was today, too dang hot for me, but I went out on the porch and got some fresh air anyway. While going out, my sweet dog Chloe was laying near the doorway and I didn’t get the door opened wide enough. My hip scraped against the door facing and of course a cringe of pain was went through me. It was not an illusion of pain, but real pain, nearly dropping me to my knees.

I believe this right interstim is closer to the surface than the left one, leaving what feels like a paper thin layer of skin covering it. I do not know for sure if this is true, it is still too tender to really press on it for a good exam by myself. I will return to my local doctor in a few weeks. I know there is nothing that can be done about the placement of it because once you commit, you are set.

So I when I wheel over to the doctor in a couple of weeks I will not be as sore and he will be able to exam the surgical site much easier than I can, although I have placed my hand over it many times to make sure it is not getting a fever due to infection. So far so good.

Here’s a tidbit of information you probably did not know. A magnet will turn the interstim off. So when I am not feeling the stimulation, I know I have got too close to a security post at the store, or rubbed against a magnet at some point. Weird huh?

I have to say that the interstim is working wonderfully. I am very happy that I have these two devices that help me function and keep my pain at a lower level.



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