Daily Prompt – Fragrance plus 24 more words

As I sit to write, quill in hand, I can not help but think about the things accomplished and the things still remaining to endure for this year.  A year already half way past.

I have let this blog lay dormant for 25 days just to challenge my writing skills by using the daily word prompt for each of the past 24 days.

So strap on your seat belt, as I bumble my way through this disastrous caper that is my life.

With three surgeries behind me, for this year alone, I refused to tether myself to my recliner. I have a little moxie that might not be seen by all. I have had to grit my teeth plenty this year, but don’t scamper away, I have more to come.

At the age of 54, I have had 34 surgeries. But I must bury my fears and sail through two more, this year. I had put off going to the eye doctor during my earlier 3 surgeries just because I was tired of seeing doctors but the headaches had become too much and my vision was failing, so recently I went. It seems I have cataracts. The eye surgeon will shatter, then pluck with savage suction, the lens from one eye on the 8th of August. He will then place a new lens, tailor made for my eye. As that eye heals, I will become a passenger of the recliner, as much as I hate it.

I will not be able to jangle or dash around the house cleaning like I have been doing of late. I will have to remain still, so research has warned me, so the new lens does not move. I’ll sit back and savor new color and visibility from one eye until it is time to do the second eye surgery.

I’m very nervous about this procedure. I have worried one of my very best friends about it for weeks now. But I have to remind myself of what I have endured and what I am capable of enduring. Those two things are nowhere near each other.

I think having brighter vision will allow me to smell the fragrance of colors. So I’m ready at the gate to get this done and behind me. My eyes should harmonize again. Won’t that be great? I think so. It will be like growing a lollipop from edible soil.

This one is written for Jo Ann at Fearless. She always tells me I am creative when it comes to using the daily prompts. Please go visit her blog, she’s a wonderful person and has a book out!

Today’s daily prompt is traditional. I have to say, I did not write a traditional blog today. I hope you enjoyed.


Author: Tina

This site is about invisible illnesses and the hidden suffering that they wreak on those who are burdened by them. I suffer greatly, but find writing and sharing ideas important. I use aromatherapy to relax and I enjoy crocheting, beading, painting and research. Being a country gal makes it tough to follow a diabetic diet during the winter months. During the summer, vegetables are plentiful, but during the winter they are scarce. I need advice and help on meal planning. I have a second blog, www.tinabrownsartblog.wordpress.com where I display my paintings. Not very good, but I sure enjoy painting them.

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