How much more can I take. Part 2

Sigh. I tell you, I have been put through the wringer this year. And now my family is being affected. I just got off the phone with my son and he told me my grandson is having heart issues. They are doing blood work and he will see a pediatric cardiologist in about 2 weeks, but thankfully my son was home when the incident happened and he was able to hear it and take notes for the doctor. Seems his heart rate was very high and he felt like his heart was pounding out of his chest. He is NINE! It is amazing that he felt anything as active as he is but he felt it and reported it to his mom. Now to wait for the test results to come back and hope that it is just an imbalance of electrolytes.

Up until today, I have dealt with the surgeries, the possibility of carpal tunnel surgery, I have that test done on the 5th of September and my 5th surgery will be on Tuesday the 29th. Oh, that’s the 5th surgery for THIS year alone!

Let me tell you about the 4th surgery, wow! It was a simple cataract surgery, people have them everyday and it should have gone just fine, but me being me, well, it didn’t go as planned. The doctor hit a blood vessel on his way in with the needle to deaden my eye and it caused my eye to hemorrhage. They had to apply an extreme amount of pressure which caused a horrific black eye. Not just around the eye, but the eye-ball itself was black. It was hard to look at the first time I saw it when my husband took the bandage off, but I knew it would get better and go away eventually. I still have some purple under my eye and that seems to draw some attention to people who give accusing looks towards my husband. That really burns me up. Just ask me what happened, don’t assume something!

You want more disasters? I’ve got them. Our bank account was hacked. The hackers got away with 6 transactions to a Food Lion. I had never heard of Food Lion up until now. Luckily the bank refunded our money and was able to stop payment on the electronic checks they wrote. Oh but it gets better, I have received 6 notices from a collection agency telling me I have to pay for the transactions that the bank stopped payment on or they will pursue legal action. My nerves can’t take much more.

So I go in on Tuesday for my right eye cataract surgery, I am a LOT comprehensive. There is always the chance they will hit another blood vessel and give me a horrible black eye again, but there is also the very good chance they won’t. I’m choosing to believe that everything will go good with this surgery and the healing will take less time so I can get my glasses adjusted. I have astigmatism, so I will have to continue to wear glasses. I’m ok with that. I’m hoping that colors will be brighter once both eyes are done. I have a bit of color blindness and I hope that will go away too, but I don’t think it will since I have had it for so long.

I have been trying to take care of myself. Moving around as much as possible, keeping with my restrictions from surgeries and trying not to gain any weight. I’ve actually lost 6 pounds, what a positive! I needed a positive to come out of all of these events.

Take care of you and please keep me in your prayers and positive thoughts. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers in advance.




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