Pray for Texas

I’m writing today to ask that everyone pray for Texas. Houston, Galveston, Beaumont and Port Arthur are the main towns highlighted on the news, but there are many smaller rounded-glossy-black-icon-culture-state-texastowns between all of those that were hit just as hard and we need to remember them in our prayers.

I spoke with my son very briefly yesterday, he is a firefighter in Beaumont and things were very grim there. He had been working since 5pm on Tuesday evening and did not think he would be back home until Friday, if he got to come back home then.

We need to remember our hero’s as they work hard and go without sleep to help those in need. But do not forget all of the volunteers that have chosen to take off work and go searching for people to rescue with their own equipment.

So please pray for Texas and the hero’s that are working diligently to rescue those that are caught in flood waters.



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