Update on Husband

Thank you for your continued prayers. My husband’s heart attack scared me to death, but he is doing better. Unfortunately, he is not totally fixed. They placed 2 stents in his arteries, we were told one, but we were told wrong. And his heart rate keeps dropping to zero for 3 to 7 seconds at a time. They are trying to get him into a sleep apnea study so we can find out if sleep apnea might be causing the heart rate drops because they only happen at night when he is sleeping, so far. So it really sounds like apnea is the problem. His insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, will not pay for an in-clinic sleep study until he does a home sleep study. So we are waiting on the sleep study office to get a home machine in so he can do the study, the sooner the better so he doesn’t die in his sleep from his heart stopping.

If the sleep study does not show sleep apnea, he will have to have a pacemaker. This is a permanent situation that we are hoping it won’t come to. It would require him to lose his job, most likely, and we can’t afford that at this time in our lives. He is a machinist, welder and driller. He works in a machine shop around very large machines with magnets here and there and those are my concern, along with the fact that there is metal flying everywhere that could hit him and cause him to bleed out being on blood thinners and all. I’m a wreck, stressing about all of this and it hasn’t even come to this yet. Well, he is on blood thinners, but I think he would be ok as long as he wears his safety gear.

Anyway, I appreciate your prayers. Please continue, I need them as well. I’m so stressed out that my xanax isn’t working well enough for me.

You are all great, thank you!



    • Tina

      Thank you for asking! He is doing much better but is still having issues with tiredness. He is doing a cardio rehab exercise program to build stamina, but it is a slow process and the dr has released him to return to work but he doesn’t have his stamina built up completely yet so he is having to work some half days. He’s a machinist so he works in the heat and it has been very hot here in Texas.


    • Tina

      Thank you so much! I’ll be glad when they get the sleep study done, his heart stops beating when he is sleeping and they need to rule out sleep apnea. It only stops for about 3 to 5 seconds, but that’s too long in my opinion.


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