Busy – Jan. 26, 2020 Word of the Day

I’ve been busy with income taxes. How many of you are doing your own taxes this year? I do ours every year and this year is exceptionally difficult for some reason. My husband is fully disabled now and without him having worked any last year, it is very odd to be filling out the forms without him having a W-2 form. But I’ve been busy as bee trying to find our deductions, because they are very different this year than years in the past. I think I may go blind trying to find the deduction on receipts and pouring over medical papers. There are just so many!

I’m afraid we may have to pay this year, but I keep working with it and hoping that after all the forms come in the mail, we will have it sway in our favor. I hope everyone is having a better time at finding deductions than I am. It seems very difficult this year, because many things have changed in our household.

Positive, I must remain positive. I’ll busy my mind with creative things for a few days while I wait for more forms to come in the mail. I’m excited about that. I have had to put my creative side away for a while to use the other side of my brain to fill out these forms, that side of my brain is boring. LOL My positive is I’ve felt well enough to work on the taxes and haven’t had to have someone else do it for me. That is a huge deal for me, because I don’t like other people doing my important stuff for me. I hope you are all keeping a positive attitude, or at least are trying to. It can keep your mind busy in a way that will lift your mood, spirits and health. Have a great evening! ~ Tina



    • Tina

      LOL, you are right, I need lost of distractions, maybe I’ll go outside and play in the rain and catch a cold so I don’t have to do the taxes for a while. LOL No, I wouldn’t do that, I don’t like colds, but I do love the rain! I will think happy thoughts, that is for sure! Thanks!

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