Negative Test Results 11/24/16


Negative Test Results

I did a 24 hour urine collection test for Cushing’s syndrome, but the test results came back negative. I have read a lot about Cushing’s in the last few weeks and found that there are many different types of this syndrome/disease. It can be caused by a tumor on your pitutatary gland, located in the center of you brain right between your eyes, or it caused by a tumor on your adrenal glands which sit on your kidneys. It can also be caused by a nodule on your thyroid, this is where I come in, I have a nodule, rather large, on my my thyroid, but my cortisol level was low in my 24 hour urine collection. I know there are 2 more tests that can be done to check for cortisol. This is the substance they are looking to be elevated in the testing to prove someone has Cushing’s, however, it is a very unpredictable syndrome in the fact that cortisol rises and falls as we live day to day. I could have been tested on a day that my cortisol was low and then the following day it was high, no one will know.

Today is Thanksgiving. I’ve been criticized for the amount of food I eat in the past, but luckily today I will be around people that have not criticized me and I will be comfortable eating until I am full.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving without criticism.

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