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Fry – Daily Prompt

I’ve been taking pain pills for a while now. I have chronic pain. I don’t take them as prescribed, I take them as I need them, as long as they aren’t too close together, in other words, the prescription ways every 8 hours, and I may wait until 10 hours have passed. I don’t want to fry my brain on these meds, but they do numb it quite a bit and this is affecting the way I handle my blogs.

I was looking at a draft I have for PTSD and every time I do, it gives me flashbacks. I’m going to have to just let it sit in the draft folder and work on something else for a while until I can come back to it without problems. The pain pills don’t numb my brain enough to work on that page, though I wish they did. People need information on this disorder, in my opinion.

Until I can over come my flashbacks, I will add different topics of interest. Nothing to chuckle about or maybe a little something every once in a while. But I want things to be clear not opaque. Yeah, I did it, I crammed three word prompts in one blog post again.

Now you can chuckle!


Jolt – Daily Prompt

My husband isn’t doing as well as he should be doing after a laparoscopic gallbladder removal. He had a lot of scar tissue built up around the gallbladder from it being inflamed. The doctor showed us pictures today, it was pretty awesome to see what the doctor sees. He did go back to work last week, but came home cranky and in a lot of pain. He wasn’t actually cranky towards me, just towards the fact that he could not work.

Our debt is mounting and we will be climbing out of this hole for a while. But that is okay in my book as long as my husband’s health is taken care of first. I can rearrange bills and satisfy some with partial payments as I need to.

My health, on the other hand, has taken a jolt from the stress. I have worried about my husband healing properly and what has been causing him the added pain. Maybe my nerves will settle down now that the surgeon has seen him and explained why he is still having pain.

It seems the scar tissue that was built up was supporting an inflamed gallbladder and now the inflammation is on the surrounding areas, including the liver because the surgeon removed the scar tissue. He went from one angry area to another. At least knowing why the pain hasn’t gone away is helping my nerves.

Maybe I can get my Avon estore to take off so I can supplement our lack of income.


Pleased – Daily Prompt

I was so pleased yesterday to announce the beginning of my second blog, I will be slow to add to both blogs as I work to find a timely balance between the two.

I have neglected this one and I do apologize. I have got to get in a groove, or find my groove to be able to do all the things I have set myself up to do.

I’m excited about it, but right now, shortly after surgery, I’m still tired. And my husband, out of no where this morning, decided to rearrange furniture. I hate rearranging furniture. Everylittlething (one word) has to be dusted and vacuumed and I hate doing both. Then there is the indecision of where this lamp will go or that table will fit and, well, I hate it. So I’m exhausted. I get exhausted very easily these days. I need to get my endurance back. It will come to me, I just need to work on it slowly.

I’m thankful that for now, he has gone to work and I can write a little and then take a nap! I think I may take the nap before I write any posts for the other blog. Feel privileged that this is the one I chose to do first because I have been concentrating a lot of time to the other one.


Outlier – Daily Prompt

I think my life with invisible illnesses would be easier and more recognized for what it is, if all the illnesses were outliers.

It would show people what I am dealing with, like a hologram always lying far from my body, letting me function as a “normal” person. (I’m not sure what normal is any longer).

It would also show the illnesses individually and allow people to see how each one affects me at any given time.


Champion – Daily Prompt

My husband came through his surgery like a champion! I was a nervous wreck. I have always been on the bed side of these ordeals, so being in the waiting room was too much for me.

They found his gallbladder to be adhered to things around it, which could have played a part in the extreme pain he has been having. Hopefully, his pain will now be controlled, and he will heal wonderfully.

I don’t think I ever touched on the surgery that I had on Monday. It went well. I am back to a good 85% pain-free bladder. This is perfectly satisfactory with me because I know I will never be 100% with this disease.

It was a long day, but a very good one, especially when they told me they didn’t have to open up my husband, due to scar tissue, and were able to do the surgery laparoscopically.

God is good!


Cusp – Daily Prompt

I signed up to sell Avon. I love the products and have used them for years. One can now avoncamp9purchase everything they want online! And of course there is a guarantee. Right now you can get FREE SHIPPING when you spend $40.00.

They have so much more than they once did. Jewelry, cologne, clothes, shoes, purses, lotions, shower gels, and the make-up. Oh the wonderful make-up.

I’m a sucker for make-up, purses and especially lipstick.

When I was expecting with my son, 37 years ago, I sold Avon, it kept me walking the neighborhood and gave me social activity and exercise. My labor was only 3.5 hours long and I contribute a lot of that to being so active during my pregnancy.

I thought it prudent that I share with you that I am now on the cusp of being my own boss.

Please visit my Avon website and take a look at all the goodies Avon now has to offer.


Pause – Daily Prompt

Today my husband and I are trying to prepare for the week ahead. We have almost completed all of the chores. The weather/storms are not allowing us to complete everything right away. I’m afraid to start a load of laundry, because the lights have gone out twice and I don’t need the washer full of wet clothes while I go have surgery tomorrow.

We did manage to get our food cooked. We cooked on the grill, chicken, brats, sausages, wienies and burgers. We had to rush because the weather was not going to pause for us. I made some coleslaw and left out sugar so my blood glucose will not go any higher. It is high enough as it is. I can’t seem to get it to go down and it has to be below 160 before they will do the procedure.

So we have most of the laundry done, all of the cooking done to last us several days and most of the dishes done. I will finish up the dishes at the end of the day, as long as we have electricity.

I think we are all set for this coming week. I actually think we have a head start. Positives. All positives!


Territory – Daily Prompt

I’m going into familiar territory today, as I did the day before yesterday. Hospital outpatient registration areas. We got my husband registered day before yesterday for his gallbladder surgery on the 5th. But I’ve been having a lot of bladder pain, an IC flare-up, probably due to stress from worrying about my husband’s health. So yesterday it was about my health. I had to go see the urologist to get some relief from my bladder flare and he did not hesitate to sign me up for a cystoscopy with hydrodistention for Monday the 3rd.

Hopefully my procedure will relieve my pain enough so I can sit calmly at the hospital on the 5th to get my husband taken care of because my son has to work that particular day. Joy. Did you catch that bit of sarcasm? It will be me and my husband against the world! We will be fine. I am certain of it, we always are when we look after each other.

If you do not know what a cystoscopy with hydrodistention is, let me explain:

A cystoscopy (sis-TOS-kuh-pee) is a procedure where a cystoscope (tiny camera) is advanced into your bladder via the urethra to look at the lining of the bladder and take pictures.

Hydrodistention literally means to distend the bladder with water.

After this procedure, I will be uncomfortable for a day or two, but should bounce back to normal rather quickly. That is how I get relief from a bladder flare. It is not always used as a “go to” for all IC patients, but for me, it works.


Elixir – Daily Prompt

Oh what I could do with a good elixir. I would share it with everyone. There would be a wellness revival. No more illnesses to cause pain, confusion, or deteriorating of ones body. It would be an easy to use elixir, so everyone would be happy to take a portion of it, even children. Can you imagine such a thing?

I would have tons of it to share with the world. A cure for everything that currently doesn’t have a cure. It would have the simplest of directions. Just kneel down and take it to heart. I think I will call it Faith.


Purple – Daily Prompt

It has been one of those days. I think I could scream until I’m purple in the face and this day would not get any better. Not for me, or my husband. He is having a bad day at work today and of course that makes me anxious for him.

For me, I have felt bad, the phone as rang too many times and I have visited the little girls room way too many times. What I hate about the phone ringing, is there isn’t anyone on the other end. It disturbs my train of thought, makes me jump from the silence that I’m enjoying and then ticks me off that no one is there to talk to. Purple in the face screaming, that’s how I feel.

For my husband, it is a whole other situation. I can’t divulge the information, but things have not gone his way today. He called and talked to me, thankfully, and I got him calmed down, but it made me so mad about what he is going through that I wanted to scream until I turn purple!

On a positive note…there always is one, you just have to look for it. I found a program to rebuild my medical form that I keep in my purse for doctor’s visits. My old decrepit Macbook quit on me yesterday, it just could not handle any more form building. It still turns on and is loaded with wonderful programs, but using them is near useless because it freezes so often. I usually email myself the form, once I have it updated, but yesterday it just could not handle email. Poor old thing. Luckily I found the program for a PC. I downloaded the trial version and will save up my pennies to buy the real version. But my medical form is built and in my purse for my next doctor’s appointment.

Everyone should have a list of their medications, surgeries, procedures, doctors names and phone numbers, allergies and emergency contact information with them at all times. Those that are ill anyway.


Meaningless – Daily Prompt

Do you ever feel useless? Like your life is meaningless? I often have these feelings, especially when I am feeling really bad. My physical pain brings my mental state down very quickly, and I find myself struggling to imagine any good in my life.

These feelings are usually short-lived, but the fact that I have them at all, is a problem, in my opinion. I need to be upbeat, happy and grateful for all that I have and the family support in which I have been blessed.

But blessed or not, these bad feelings do arise. More often than not. I lose my train of thought, I lose my mind trying to regain my train of thought. It’s a vicious cycle. One that I must endure for the rest of my life.

So why fight it? I must fight it to maintain my sanity. It robs me of my mental capabilities for short periods of time. Pain is the culprit that steals my happiness and mental capabilities. I stumble on words, especially when speaking. I know I look or sound like an idiot to some people, but they do not know what pain can do to a person.

Only those who suffer from pain on a regular basis can identify with what I am going through and have empathy for my struggles. I know that this pain will not kill me. That is a weight lifted off my mind, but not knowing when the pain will cease is a huge weight to carry.

I wish for all my chronic pain suffering friends to find some relief and be able to carry on in life with dignity and defiance of that soul sucking demon known as pain.


Minimal – Daily Prompt

A good day for someone with chronic illnesses, is a day with minimal pain. For me, I am more alert and able to do things around the house when I have less pain. I’m able to write better blog posts, work on my permanent pages and still feel like reading many posts written by others.

A bad day for someone with chronic illnesses is defined with pain, a foggy brain and very little ability for anything that requires energy.

We all need to have patience with each other. I see people being impatient with those that suffer chronic illnesses because they do not understand the illness. I also see chronically ill people become impatient when their care givers. This is sad because a lot of times the care giver is the closest person they have in their life, as well as the most understanding.

Taking a moment before we judge, misspeak, or become impatient with anyone really saves a lot of hurt feelings. We can minimize our need for apologies if we just think before we speak. Take care of one another.



Conquer – Daily Prompt

There are so many things in this life that I would like to conquer. Some people call it their bucket list, but I don’t want to be disappointed by having a list of things that I can not conquer so I don’t write things down. I have a few things that are very important to me, but I can not say for sure that I will ever be able to achieve them.

Illnesses are always an issue. Stopping me from going on the adventures that I once took for granted. I have to take into consideration that I’m going to need a bathroom, often! So venturing into the woods is out. I once thrived in the woods, as a child, but these days, we drive and hope I don’t have to go to the bathroom before we get back to civilization.

Going to Alaska is something that I would very much like to do, but there are so many variables to consider before being able to make a quest like that a reality. I also want to see Pennsylvania. There are 2 reasons for my desire to see PA, a dear friend and the chocolate factory. Then there is Vegas baby! I hope to someday make it to Las Vegas and play slots and eat at the “all I can eat” seafood buffets.

I know I will never be well enough to make these trips without my medication. Going through tedious physicals with my doctors and having them prescribe enough medication to get through a trip that would take a month or more, each. I want to drive to each of these places. I want to see the country side. I have no expectations of any cures being found for any of my illnesses in my life time. But it would be nice if the scientist could conquer diabetes, or interstitial cystitis.

So I have three things to conquer in my life that are important to me. I think we will need to get an RV to be able to make any of these trips, and that would be ideal. I’m not going to hold my breath though. Time will tell.






Controversy – Daily Prompt

Who doesn’t have some sort of controversy in their lives? It depends on how we handle our controversies that make us who we are.

I prefer to step away from controversy and give it time to rest, if at all possible. Once I have a clearer focus on the situation, I can approach it with an open mind. This actually gives me the upper hand because I am no longer hot-headed. I am at peace with the situation and can take my leave at any time.

I had some serious controversy in my family. I listened to it, took a pause and then wrote it off as “too much stress.” I did not need it in my life any longer. I was sick all the time and once I let go of it, I felt better. I’m still sick due to my chronic illnesses, but not over that particular idiot person. I no longer have feelings for that person. It took a lot of doing on my part to release the demons, and I sometimes return to bad thoughts, but for now, I feel at peace with my decision to walk away.

My health and well-being, physically and mentally are much more important than the stressful situation that person has tried to involve me in my whole life. I don’t like narcissist or their tendencies. So putting myself first was the best thing to do and I have no regrets.

If you have someone in your life that just saps the health right out of you, remove yourself from their company. You do not need them in your life. They are causing more harm than good.


Immerse – Daily Prompt

Though I am trying my best to immerse myself in my research and blog, I am falling short. I am anxious. I took my noon medication and it is working to the best of its ability, but sometimes my anxiety is more than it can handle.

We finally found out what is wrong with my husband. His gallbladder is not functioning. It is causing him great pain and yet he still manages to go to work each day. I am worried about him and that the gallbladder might rupture of become infected before we can see the surgeon in 2 weeks. He has a physical job, he’s a welder and machinist. He works very hard and to be in pain while having to rely on your body for your job just isn’t easy on him.

I called the surgeon’s office to try to move the appointment date up, but the doctor is out this week and unless someone cancels an appointment for next week, we will have to wait the duration of 2 weeks for a consultation. My husband is ready for surgery, by-pass all consultations, just yank the painful thing out!

Maybe my next blog page needs to be put aside and I work on something else. I was working on one for the gallbladder, but reading all the problems that can cause a gallbladder to stop working is really getting to me.

I am grateful that we finally know the cause of his pain. Now I am like him, let’s get it out!



Record – Daily Prompt

Your heart is your life. If it stops beating you die. You can continue living with a dead brain, but not a dead heart. That is why doctors are always talking about heart health and how important it is to follow their guidelines.

I was born with a heart murmur, it can be heard at times with a stethoscope when I am at my weakest or when my blood count drops (anemia). A clinician can record this murmuration with an electrocardiogram or EKG/ECG.

When getting an EKG/ECG, sensors or electrodes are placed in specific spots on your chest, arms and legs, depending on how many leads the EKG is set up with. I’ve had 3 lead to 12 lead EKGs. The higher the number of leads, the better the test results.

It takes only moments for the clinician to get the information they need to show what the electric activity of your heart is doing, or if you have had any cardiac events. It can tell the clinician the orientation of the heart in the chest, the thickness of the heart muscle, any impaired blood flow to the heart, and any abnormal cardiac rhythms.

I’ve had many EKGs, as I must have one before every surgery and there have been times I have been admitted to the hospital for cardiac (heart) problems. I have an extra beat occur when I am feeling bad too. It feels like a jolt of electricity hitting me from the inside. But that extra beat could not be caught on the short EKG test, so I had to wear a monitor while in the hospital for several days. Once diagnosed with the extra heart beat and a heart catheterization,(kath-uh-tur-ih-ZAY-shun),  I was sent home with no additional medication, but a strict heart healthy diet.

Eat your veggies and healthy fats!


Pattern – Daily Prompt

Some invisible illnesses follow a pattern, or so it is theorized. I have tried to ruminate about these theories. Fibromyalgia has certain nuances that give way to these theories. It seems that fibromyalgia will get worse with the weather, depending on what the barometric pressure is doing. As do migraines.

Interstitial cystitis flare-ups can follow women’s menstrual cycles. Of course this is not to say that is all that causes the flare-ups, there are many, many ways to cause a flare-up of IC.

There are too many invisible illnesses to give each a comment on this short post. I really just wanted to get those three daily prompt words taken care of. But you learned something anyway! 🙂


Abstract – Daily Prompt

I finished my Diverticulitis page today, it is now a permanent fixture under “My Illnesses” and “Invisible Illnesses”. I have started cross referencing the illnesses out of “My Illnesses” so they will be easier to find for someone who is not interested in my illnesses, but have a need for information on the illness itself. This way of doing things is not an abstract, it is the way I intend to do things on my blog to keep things user-friendly.

I have now moved to generalized anxiety disorder. It may take me longer to get it published, as it is a difficult disorder to explain. I will include all websites in which I find information, as I have done on all pages so far.

Thanks for following my blog and showing interest in my pages.


Center – Daily Prompt

When living with illness, whether invisible or not, your life becomes centered around those illnesses. Your ability to do things is limited and you have to take your time at the few things you are able to do. If you over exert, you take a chance on going into a flare.

I hate that the center of my life is my illnesses. I would much rather have it be my husband, my home life, or a job. But my home life is one big mess because I can not clean as well as I once could. My job is non-existent due to illness. Thankfully my husband is still very close to the center. But he knows that he has to take second place sometimes to the aches and pains I experience oh so very often. I do feel that I could live without my medications before I could live without my loving husband, so he is the center of my life and just gets put on hold occasionally. Of course that is the way things are, he is the center and my medications are secondary. I love this man so much. He treats me with dignity and respect. Helps me when I am hurting and aids in the house keeping. He is a real gem. I wish everyone could have a spouse as supportive as mine.


Jiggle – Daily Prompt

I have had 32 surgeries to date. Some much worse than others. Some more of a procedure than an actual surgery, but when they put your to sleep and invade your body, it is considered a surgery, as I was told by a doctor. I have spent twice that amount of times in the hospital for various reasons. One in particular that comes to mind was a week-long stay for a bowel obstruction.

I developed the bowel obstruction after they removed part of my colon because it ruptured. During the healing process I got a twisted gut that caused a bowel obstruction. The doctor, knowing my history, tried to let it resolve itself by keeping me in the hospital for a week. Feeding me nothing but a liquid diet and that included Jello. I hate Jello! I always have and I always will hate the jiggle of Jello. But, since that was basically all I had to eat for a week, I ate the mess. I gagged and pitched a fit, but I got it down every day for a week. I also lost about 10 pounds in the process. I was very thin back then and the weight just fell off of me. Oh how I long for the days of it falling off so easily.

The bowel obstruction did not resolve itself, but I managed to live with it for a year by not eating any fat, then they went back in and untwisted the twist. And I was back on Jello for a week. I hate that jiggly stuff!