My Migraines


I have migraines, but like a lot of people I have been on medicine to control them for a long time. Unfortunately, that medication is causing me to have more depression and suicidal thoughts, so my doctor is taking me off it slowly. During this time of weening off of the medication Topamax, I have experienced outbursts of anger for no reason other than not wanting to peel small potatoes and blaming that on my husband. That is not a rational thing to have an outburst over. He, being the kind hearted person he is, did not react negatively to this outburst. He let it go and mentioned it later after I had calmed down the it might be associated with the withdrawal of the medication. I took that into consideration and agreed.

The following day it was time to reduce the amount of medication again. But out of no where came an overwhelming urge to cry and be sad. I had not been thinking of anything sad, had not watched any thing on TV that would make me sad, I just had tears running out of my face and I was sad. It made no sense to me either. So I sent a text to my husband and he called me right away. We talked a little bit and he suggested I not reduce the medication to the next step for at least another night. That is might take me a little longer to get off of it than the doctor expected. So I waited, but I wasn’t due to take another pill until bedtime. I called my sister in law and she cheered me right up. I can always rely on her to make me laugh. I have so few people in my life that I can call and talk candidly with, most want to try to solve my problems, instead of just listen to me with a sympathetic ear. And then make me laugh with some off the wall joke. But my sister in law has the knack to do just that. I am truly blessed to be a part of this family. They have seen me through some awful times and will probably see me through some more, but I can rely on them to be there and make me laugh, even when I have tears falling out of my face.

However, the headaches have began again. Just mild ones for now because I’m not completely off the medication, but I feel that I will start having them again once I am completely weened off of the Topamax. We’ve had the bedroom windows blacked out for years to accommodate my migraines. But it seems that I can tolerate pain from my neck down, once I have pain in my head, I start to go a little crazy, or a lot crazy. I can’t stand pain in my head. I’ve no tolerance for it. Not even a toothache. It is above my neck, it makes me crazy, or crazier, whichever way you choose to read this.

If you have had a migraine, you know where I am coming from, the intense pain in your head makes  you want to cut it off, bang it against a wall, do anything to get rid of that pain. I can not really explain how severe it is, only that I feel I have no more control over my body when I have a migraine. Everything has to be dark, silent and still, with an ice pack on my head. I have a few home remedies that have helped. Essential oils have helped ease the pain long enough for me to fall asleep and when I wake, the pain has remained eased enough to function a little bit. So I give some credit to that natural remedy. I began using essential oils a long time ago and have found they are great for many things, but I turn to the headache oil recipe the most. I found it in The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy. I have the old version of the book, the link I’m sharing is to the new version of the book that I will acquire after Christmas.

If you have any home remedies, I would like to hear from you. Pain pills do not always help, so please share with us what you do when you have a migraine.


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    I don’t have a home remedy but wanted to share the “latest & greatest”. I’ve had Migraine with Aura since a TBI when I was 4 (I’m now 50). About 30% of the time I have Migraine Babble. I had to learn to live with the pain until I emancipated at 16. When I first went to a doctor for help he gave me the run around saying my headaches were related to menses, nerves blah blah blah. At 22 I finally got help with Inderal. I had an RX for Compazine but since I get immediate nausea swallowing a pill w/water wasn’t a good fit. In the late 90’s I finally got Zofran ODT which is like manna from heaven because I can stick it under my tongue immediately. I also switched from Inderal (due to really low BP) to Botox for Migraine. I don’t care what anyone says, I think relief is based on who injects you. My original neuro was great but when he moved my new neuro ~ not so good. Even the pattern of injects was different. I tried Immitrex & opted for the nasal spray because as a nurse I’ve heard patients say of the different types, the nasal spray worked quickest and best. My not so great neuro closed his practice with 3 weeks notice so I had to find a new one. By the time I got in I was 7 months w/o Botox and getting a pain med from y PCP to tide me over was impossible as my state seems to treat everyone w/chronic pain as an addict or trafficker. A new law even requires a vet to do a dHHS heck on the owner to see if they’re on any controlled meds before RX for your pet. So if I take Valium for anxiety, my dog has major surgery, legally the vet couldn’t RX her a pain med. Crazy right? Once I had my initial visit I came back a month later and he gave me Botox with so so results. But he gave me samples and an RX for Onzetra Xsail which is almost the same as Immitrex nasal except the way you use it. The set up is weird in that you breathe into it but the two times I’ve used it I had 80-90% relief within 20 minutes. If this doesn’t continue to be effective I have no idea what I’ll do. Maybe MME.

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