A New Chapter 11/12/16

Looks like I might have Cushing’s Syndrome. If so, if might be the answer to a lot of other illnesses that have plagued me for the past 16 years. Our of control diabetes, hypertension, weight gain and more symptoms. It could be from a tumor on my pituitary gland, or a tumor on an adrenal gland. I do know I have a tumor on my thyroid, I’m hoping that would be what is causing it, but I’m not sure I have read the information correctly stating that the thyroid tumor can cause Cushing’s.

Up to now, I’ve dealt with interstitial cystitis (IC), a bladder disease that erodes the lining of the bladder, and causes great pain with urgency and frequency. I know Cushing’s won’t get rid of IC, but I have learned to deal with IC. I have not yet learned to deal with diabetes and this weight gain. I know what people are thinking when they see me eat, so I don’t eat much around people. I’ve usually lost my appetite by the time it is served due to their disgusting looks. I challenge them to go through what I have gone through and come out as well as I have. I fight depression, anxiety, panic disorder and PTSD along with the side effects of the meds that treat these problems.

But I am hopeful. Hopeful for some relief from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain and irritable bowel syndrome. All of which can be mistaken for symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome although there are many more symptoms that I have not listed. I feel like I have a new rope to cling to right now, hopefully an answer to all of the other issues.

Here are some great resources of information:
Mary Kelly O’Connor, editor and founder of Cushings-Help.com

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