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Change- Jan. 24, 2020 Word of the Day

Today’s word of the day is “change“. This is a good word for all of us in need of a little change in our lives. Especially those of us with chronic illnesses. We need to make a change for the betterment of our health. Stop smoking or stop eating so much fat or sugar. Try to change a routine that has a negative affect on our health, whether it be completely eliminate an activity that we do, or just a change in our attitude, we can make things better for ourselves if we are willing to change.

I know a lady with interstitial cystitis that is not willing to change in anyway. She thinks that the one dr she has always seen for her disease is the reigning king of IC and no other thing can possibly help her, she is unwilling to change anything in her routine or diet to make herself better. It is people like this, that are unwilling to try a change that really disappoint me. You never know what will work for you if you don’t try what has worked for someone else. It may or may not work for you, but trying it, within reason, isn’t going to kill you. I’m always talking about a positive outlook. How many of your have tried it? It helps! I can be doubled over in pain, but if I try to find a positive in my life at that moment, I can usually stand up better, maybe not all the way, but better. It’s the change in my attitude that makes the difference. I have so many times found that thinking about how much my husband is such a good support system for me and how much he knows what to do when I’m in such pain that just those few positive thoughts will help me get through the worse pain. And thinking about the fact that this particular pain will not last through out eternity. It will ease once the pain meds are administered. That too helps with the pain.

So just change your line of thinking and give it shot. Find a positive in your life. Your dog loves you, your cat purrs for you, your pain has been worse and you survived. The change you make today will help you tomorrow.