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Pause – Daily Prompt

Today my husband and I are trying to prepare for the week ahead. We have almost completed all of the chores. The weather/storms are not allowing us to complete everything right away. I’m afraid to start a load of laundry, because the lights have gone out twice and I don’t need the washer full of wet clothes while I go have surgery tomorrow.

We did manage to get our food cooked. We cooked on the grill, chicken, brats, sausages, wienies and burgers. We had to rush because the weather was not going to pause for us. I made some coleslaw and left out sugar so my blood glucose will not go any higher. It is high enough as it is. I can’t seem to get it to go down and it has to be below 160 before they will do the procedure.

So we have most of the laundry done, all of the cooking done to last us several days and most of the dishes done. I will finish up the dishes at the end of the day, as long as we have electricity.

I think we are all set for this coming week. I actually think we have a head start. Positives. All positives!


A Mother’s Nightmare

I’ll start by saying my son is a paramedic/firefighter. He has been in the field for about 10 years or so. He is good at what he does, he is compassionate and has a good work ethic. All required to be a good care giver, as we with illnesses know all to well. As his job requires him to go into burning buildings while everyone else is trying to get out, I’ve done my level best not to dwell on the issue. I worry about him, but not to the extreme because I know he works with a good bunch of guys that would do their level best to protect each other over anything else.

That being said, his job is 2 hours away from home, so he has to commute every 3rd day. He works 24 hours on and 48 hours off. It is a long commute with roads that are not the greatest. This was proven yesterday as he was headed to work in the rain and hydroplaned. He tried to correct it, he’s a good driver, so he knew what to do, but he was unable to make the corrections before going off the road and crashing. One of my worst nightmares came true when I got the call he had been in a wreck and totaled his car. I am so relieved that it was his voice on the other end of the line instead of someone else’s. He was talking to me and telling me he was fine. The cabin of the car remained intact and he was okay. I need not worry about anything.

I didn’t worry, I panicked! Anxiety went all over me, through me to my core and back out again. It was as if it were cycling through me, coursing through my veins. My only son totaled his car and was okay. But he totaled his car! How could he be okay? My mind would not wrap around the possibility.

Being the caregiver that he is, he sent me photos of the car and I could see just how he could be and was okay. The cabin of the car did stay intact and though he is sore from going around in circles and hitting a tree, he is okay.

He will get a replacement car soon, but until then, he will use my car as needed. I don’t go anywhere alone anyway and my husband and I can use his truck.


I will not say he was lucky because he was blessed. The only bad part is he had just put new tires on the car and it had a full tank of gas, all gone to waste now, but with no injury except some sore ribs, I will stand by my words that he was blessed. This is the first bad wreck he has ever been in, thankfully and hopefully the last.