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Control – Daily Prompt

Yesterday was a difficult day. I felt out of control. I bought a new Dell computer with Windows 10 and it is still blowing my mind. I like things the way I like them, so I can find what I’m looking for easily and Windows 10 is a booger at letting me have things my way. I started developing a migraine last night and had to set it aside, but thankfully, the migraine did not materialize and I only have a mild headache.

I still have a problem with the new PC or Windows 10 as it is. I do not like the bar across the top that offers a search, or fast browsing and I do not know how to get rid of it. I googled it and followed those instructions without any luck.

If you can tell me how to get rid of that bar I would greatly appreciate it. So far Windows 10 is not my friend, but the new PC is very fast and I’m slowly getting it organized.


Apprentice – Daily Prompt

Couldn’t we all use an apprentice? Someone to take over our chores where we leave off, or learn from our verbal instructions. Not just a house keeper that comes in and cleans once a week, because they do the same thing each time, the things that I can keep up with.

I’m talking about someone who can follow my instructions and reach the high areas that have not been touched in a long time. The top of shelves in the kitchen, that I can not reach without getting on a step stool, which is dangerous for me with my illnesses.

I have had a house keeper. She did the normal chores, but would not do the extra work I wanted done, even with an offer of extra money. She did not want to get on the step stool either.

Being chronically ill really drags me down and my housework suffers. Having someone help me reach the areas that have gone untouched for way too long would be wonderful. As I am sure it would be great for all of us that are chronically ill.

I will reach that area of the kitchen one day, those shelves will get cleaned and I will rejoice, probably with a nap. Until then, I just try not to think about it, knowing my limitations, I will have to have someone here when I do tackle that chore. Apprentice or husband, someone will be here.


Cusp – Daily Prompt

I signed up to sell Avon. I love the products and have used them for years. One can now avoncamp9purchase everything they want online! And of course there is a guarantee. Right now you can get FREE SHIPPING when you spend $40.00.

They have so much more than they once did. Jewelry, cologne, clothes, shoes, purses, lotions, shower gels, and the make-up. Oh the wonderful make-up.

I’m a sucker for make-up, purses and especially lipstick.

When I was expecting with my son, 37 years ago, I sold Avon, it kept me walking the neighborhood and gave me social activity and exercise. My labor was only 3.5 hours long and I contribute a lot of that to being so active during my pregnancy.

I thought it prudent that I share with you that I am now on the cusp of being my own boss.

Please visit my Avon website and take a look at all the goodies Avon now has to offer.


Lighthouse in a Storm


Things are seldom as I wish them be,
unbearable it seems.
And when I’m at my weakest and alone,
A beacon shines,
Through the torrential storm.
I find my way home.

I find my way home.
Home to Your arms where I belong.
Sheltered from the wind the cold the rain.
Sheltered from agony or pain.
As Your guidance pours light along the way,
I find my way home.

And though You know someday I’ll stray,
And it’s beyond my control,
Storms again will rein on me,
My eyes may not be strong.

I know You will guide me to safety once more,
Home to Your arms where I belong.
As Your guidance pours light along the way,
I will find my way home.

©Tina Brown


Pause – Daily Prompt

Today my husband and I are trying to prepare for the week ahead. We have almost completed all of the chores. The weather/storms are not allowing us to complete everything right away. I’m afraid to start a load of laundry, because the lights have gone out twice and I don’t need the washer full of wet clothes while I go have surgery tomorrow.

We did manage to get our food cooked. We cooked on the grill, chicken, brats, sausages, wienies and burgers. We had to rush because the weather was not going to pause for us. I made some coleslaw and left out sugar so my blood glucose will not go any higher. It is high enough as it is. I can’t seem to get it to go down and it has to be below 160 before they will do the procedure.

So we have most of the laundry done, all of the cooking done to last us several days and most of the dishes done. I will finish up the dishes at the end of the day, as long as we have electricity.

I think we are all set for this coming week. I actually think we have a head start. Positives. All positives!


Meet and Greet: 1/21/17

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the Meet and Greet weekend everyone!!  Strap on your party shoes and join the fun!  

Ok so here are the rules:

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See ya on Monday!!

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My Personal Craft Choices & My Mom

With debilitating illnesses, it is often hard to get the chores around the house done, but my mind is still strong where my body is failing. I may not be able to sweep the floor today, but I can do something creative while having to stay bed ridden. If my pain is not so great that it takes my mental capacity I can work on my blog. I’ve grown to love this blog. I write about things that are illness related, and sometimes just things that are on my mind.

Today, I felt like sharing my personal crafts. During the cold days (they are few) I like to crochet. The yarn makes me too hot to do it on warm days. I also enjoy coloring, if I’m not bedridden, sitting in my chair is the best place to color, I have a special lamp so I can see the colors better. And a caddy for my colored pencils so it is easy to access and move quickly.

I also scrapbook, but I have to feel really good to be able to do that, because it requires sitting up in an office chair instead of leaning back in my recliner. With interstitial cystitis (IC) sitting up for very long puts too much pressure on the bladder and can cause a flare. I can’t stand up long either, so I usually gather whatever crafting supplies I’m going to need and head to my recliner.

Beading is another craft that I have done, but I find it a bit hard to do with IC because I get the beads sorted and spread out across my lap, then I have to get up and go to the bathroom 20 times (literally) before I can get anything done. Crochet is easy to set aside, as is coloring.

I also have my essential oils. I read about what I want to do, take notes, make my plans, then go to my area where I keep them stored and make my synergies. I have 2 essential oil diffusers in the house, one in the living room near my chair and one in the bedroom. I am probably not getting all of the benefits of the oils as of yet, but I’m still learning.

One craft I love to do is soap making, but I have to really feel good and be able to endure at least 3 hours of not sitting in my chair. I’m either sitting on a stool in the kitchen or standing up. It also requires that I am able to stay very mindful of what I am doing. I haven’t made soap in over 3 years, I just haven’t felt like it. I’m running out too, I need to make some, I find it less harsh than store-bought soaps. It makes me feel like a chemist to do it, measuring out everything exactly and creating something completely different from which it started out. I make hot process, where I cook it until it is done, no need to set up for 6 weeks before use. So staying in the kitchen with it constantly is imperative. I need someone here with me when I do it too, so I can rush to the bathroom and back without something horrible happening, like it overflowing the pot, which has happened and made a huge mess.

Today is a bad day for me, I’m trying to not think about it by writing about stuff that isn’t important. I’m trying to be light and forget that 3 years ago today I held my Mom’s hand as she passed away. I think I’ve done good with it emotionally, but I miss her and it took a physical toll on me. I guess that means the emotional part wasn’t as intact as I thought it was. She taught me to crochet, encouraged me to make soap by making it herself, she taught me about art and poetry writing. About writing in general, she wrote 3 books and self published them. I need to get them on Amazon, but seem to get ill every time I consider doing it. I suppose it is the emotional part of me that controls a lot of my physical being and keeps me from doing some things that I want to do, because I’m afraid of the emotions that will arise if I attempt them. Isn’t that always the way?

I opened the can of worms, I might as well let them out, she passed from MRSA after having broken her hip and having a hip replacement. There was no need for her to have passed if the doctor that did the surgery had ever paid her any attention, but he did not. I had to fire him and hire another dr to take over the case, he worked diligently to save her life, but it was too late. Once MRSA sets in, it is near impossible to get rid of and she died within hours of the discovery. I won’t say she went peacefully, because she wasn’t ready to go, she had told me not to let them kill her, but I feel like that’s exactly what happened. I have no way to prove it, or pursue it legally, so I let it be. I don’t think I could handle any legal action anyway, it would probably kill me.

She is missed greatly. I must close this now. Think about the crafts, I will be busy today trying to keep my mind busy with anything and everything. You do the same.