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Does Anyone Know…

Hi everyone, I’m asking for advice, I need to know how to get more traffic to my new Etsy shop. I don’t know how to do this. I’ve read and read and can’t find any real advice that works. I also need customers.

As a person with an invisible illness my time online is always spread very thin, I have to be quick with what I do and then get off and go lie down. Sometimes I can still read with my tablet, but doing work is impossible while on my tablet and I can’t really work on my laptop while laying down, at least not well. I need a stable surface and I, personally, need to be sitting up to work on my laptop. I know some of you have adapted to laying down while working on one, but I haven’t been able to, it’s probably my back that won’t allow it.

Anyway, I’m seeking advice for my Etsy store so I can bring in a little income. I’m good at making forms, it doesn’t take me long to do and I enjoy it, so that is three pluses right there. I can usually get 2 done in a day, if they aren’t too complicated, and I enjoy it so much, it’s like a challenging puzzle to get it all to fit, whatever is in my head, I have to get it all to fit on that sheet of paper. I find it fun, I know, I’m weird, but to me, it’s fun to do challenging things to keep my mind sharp…I know, that is laughable in itself, with fibro, but I do try.

So suggestions, anyone? I’m ready for how you did it. Thank you so much! ~Tina


I’ve been fighting illnesses for a long time and writing poetry about them helped at one point. Unfortunately, I take a lot of medications now that squelch my creative abilities. Below are two that I wrote years ago when I first started having serious illness issues.

Tina Brown
November 22, 2002

Wake! I command you,
Rest no more.
I thrive on weakness,
Your pleading I adore.

There is no refuge,
For you from my wrath.
I’m the dictator,
Of this unchosen path.

Seek as you wish,
None will you find,
With strength or stamina,
Greater than mine.

No pill, no potion,
No bottle, no vile,
Can destroy my presence,
Only weaken a while.

But I’ll soon return,
You’ll answer to me,
For I am your master,
Forever to be.


Mind Game
by Tina Brown 1999

So you’ve chosen this game to play,
Obviously unknowing of my abilities.
You’re unfamiliar with this territory,
Are you frightened?
You should be.
Deception is not for the weak,
Bad dreams are made of me.
I can hurt you and never lift a finger,
I can control you secretly.
I possess you as you once did me,
My wisdom is more than your strength,
My endurance will astound you,
No mercy will you reap.
Are you ready to begin?