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Ding Dong Avon Calling

Who doesn’t remember that old commercial? I sure do. Avon has been around for so many years we, that are aged, should all remember the prim and proper lady standing at the door with bag in hand, ready to show you the next beauty trend in makeup and lotions.

avonwPCWow how things have changed. Now you can just shop from home, no fuss, stay in your jammies and get your order sent directly to you or to someone you are gifting it to. I love this new way of buying Avon and of selling it.

It is streamlined for the customer. If you spend $40 you get free shipping.

There are new products coming out every 2 weeks. You don’t want to miss out on those. Avon introduces them at very low prices. Plus they bring back the old favorites for the season, like the Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus.

For the maturing woman, you can not go wrong with Anew! They have everything theAnewskincare face needs for every type of skin.

The Mark© brand has unique items too. It is exclusive to Avon and offers high-end eye shadows, makeups and accessories. With pure pigments in their makeup you get rich, lasting color.

Avon has always offered great lotions, but their line has increased to offer lotions for more troublesome skin. And don’t forget the cologne, oh so nice!

Let’s not forget their jewelry line, wow, what an array of beautiful items for every occasion. Avon selects the most fashionable items to showcase.

And for our men, Avon offers wonderful cologne and lotions. Jewelry and gadgets. Soon it will be Father’s day and Avon will have a multitude of items for our Dads.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at the website and find your perfect match from Avon!

ultracolorlipcolorI would like to add that as a sufferer of invisible illnesses, I find that putting on makeup before going out, even just a small amount, makes me feel more alive and presentable to the world. Even a simple lipstick can do the trick when I am feeling really bad. But I usually have a nice purse or handbag, purchased from Avon, that I carry with a little floraltotecamp9makeup in it just in case I start feeling better and feel like adding some color to my bland face. You will find that adding some color will make you feel better as well.

If you think you would like to sell Avon, get in touch with me via my form on my “About Me” page and I will guide you in the right direction. It is only $25 to get started with the basic kit and they give you a website for free!25$starterkit

Treat yourself today!


Pause – Daily Prompt

Today my husband and I are trying to prepare for the week ahead. We have almost completed all of the chores. The weather/storms are not allowing us to complete everything right away. I’m afraid to start a load of laundry, because the lights have gone out twice and I don’t need the washer full of wet clothes while I go have surgery tomorrow.

We did manage to get our food cooked. We cooked on the grill, chicken, brats, sausages, wienies and burgers. We had to rush because the weather was not going to pause for us. I made some coleslaw and left out sugar so my blood glucose will not go any higher. It is high enough as it is. I can’t seem to get it to go down and it has to be below 160 before they will do the procedure.

So we have most of the laundry done, all of the cooking done to last us several days and most of the dishes done. I will finish up the dishes at the end of the day, as long as we have electricity.

I think we are all set for this coming week. I actually think we have a head start. Positives. All positives!