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Future Goals

My husband and I have plans for the future, even with me being ill, we plan to sell everything we possibly can and hit the road in an RV/motor-coach, some day. We already have a travel trailer for camping, but it is a lot of work to get set up to use, for him on the outside, and for me on the inside. But the very worst part of it for me is having to stop every hour to hour and half so I can urinate. This could also be the worse part for him too, but he would never admit to it. With a motor-coach we would have an on-board bathroom which would eliminate the need to stop as often.

We both wish it could happen sooner than later, but funds are not available at this time. They will come to us though, I have faith. I do not know how I will get my prescriptions while traveling. I get some via mail service and others from a chain pharmacy, so those won’t be hard to acquire, but the mail service ones will be tough to get. Plus I will have to figure something out about my pain medicine and how I will be able to get it, or enough of it to last several months. I don’t want us to have to travel from Alaska to Texas just for pain medication, or any medication for that matter.

I have thought that being near Washington, I might find a set of doctors to take on my cases. Urology, neurology, and a general practitioner and while we’re at it, toss in a psychologist and I’d be set. It would sure save some mileage on the motor-home. I want our visits to Texas to be for family reunions, not to just drive across the vast mass over and over again for medication. I might have to give it up and some of my medications just aren’t some I can give up.

So the only things I have to consider are:

  1. Money for this expenditure
  2. How to obtain my medication via mail order
  3. Finding new doctors to take on my cases
  4. How to go about selling everything off
  5. How to find the perfect motor-home to suit my illness needs

That’s about it, I think, I’ll probably think of 10 more things to consider once I publish this. I do wonder how I will do when I have a flare and we are living in a motor-home. I assume we will just stay parked for a while and let it pass, or I’ll stay laying down while my husband drives us to my new doctor’s area. I think it will all work out in the long run, just figuring out how to make it work out in the first place is the hard part.

Suggestions and comments about things I did not consider would be greatly appreciated.