2017 – Finding Solace

Good morning, it is now January 1, 2017 in Texas, USA.

I’m feeling decent. I didn’t stay up late for any activities, instead I opted for a good nights rest. I forced myself to go back to sleep after each time I got up to tinkle, except the 4th time and by then it was 5am, so I decided to stay up.

Today, we will venture out of the house for some fun activities. My only concern is leaving the dog in the house, she gets lonely and has a hard time getting in and out the doggy door, but she is a good watch dog, so I need not worry about the house. We won’t be gone long anyway.

I’m a chronic worrier, so I worry about minute details constantly. I use essential oils to help take me away from worries and stress, they do seem to relax me when I concentrate on the aroma and drift in it’s scent instead of treating it like a perfume.

I have issues with perfume. A woman, or man for that matter can walk past me with a horrendous cologne and my bladder seems to do a flip. With IC, everything that comes in contact with you, affects you. Whether it be by olfactory, touch or ingestion. It can cause a flare. So I’m care to get away from people with perfume as quickly as possible. I suppose the essential oils do not affect me that way because they are natural and the synergies I make are for headaches, stress, panic attacks, you see where this is going.

So 2017 has arrived, many things will change for us this year. I feel it. Our health will improve, our finances will balance out, our friends and family will find solace. These are the things I pray for. I also pray for peace on earth. A calm from the turbulence that has been taking place in this nation. And enlightenment from our friends and family for those of us struggling to survive an invisible illness.

Wouldn’t that be grand, if 2017 could bring forth all these changes. I will strive to do my part, please strive to do yours. Blessings!

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