Backseat Driver

Since I have so many illnesses, I take a lot of medication. That being said, I do not drive my car as often as I would like. My husband does all of the driving unless I have an appointment that is just impossible to work around his schedule. I once loved to drive, I considered it “my time”, with my music blaring and the AC set exactly how I wanted it, not having to take anyone into consideration. But times, they have changed. Thankfully, our car has too.

It is still considered my car and I’m welcomed to go get in it and drive to town (we live in a rural area), anytime I want to. But I know my limitations with the medications I take, so I normally wait on my husband to drive me to my destinations.

Having him drive me is fine, except, he takes off too quickly, he drives too fast, doesn’t like anyone to pass him, is a very offensive driver and when we come to a stop, everything hits the floor. I try not to say much about his driving because he is all I have to take care of me. And arguing over minute things is futile. He doesn’t want to have a wreck any more than I do, so even though he drives aggressively, he is a good driver. I do tell him when he scares me, but usually the day after it has happened. I’ve learned to hold on to my door handle and close my eyes, it saves us both stress.

He once lived in Dallas and he learned to drive in traffic, where as I have not. I learned in a hay field. Not that I drive slow, but I do drive slower now than I ever have, it’s for safety measures due to my medications. I love to go fast, I love to be in control when going fast. I love to race, but those days are behind me because I don’t see myself getting off the medication in this lifetime.

And, thankfully, our car has dual AC controls, so he can have his side warm while I can be nice and cool on my side. I’ll never own a car that doesn’t have this option, it has been too handy for my hot flashes.

Because he has his truck to drive back and forth to work and sometimes we go in it to town. He drives it better than he does my car. I’ve told him multiple times, that he drives his truck easier than he does my car, but he doesn’t see it. Oh well, not worth arguing about, it is a minute issue and I don’t waste time on arguing about things that aren’t serious.

So if you have someone driving you, remember, they do not want to be in an accident any more than you do so give them a break. Don’t nag them about how they drive, unless they are a teen, then nag them to death. It saves both the driver  and passenger stress if you just close your eyes and hang on for dear life.

I love my husband and he is a good care giver. We seldom argue and I don’t see a reason to argue about driving.

Have a great day and think twice before being a “backseat driver”. ~Peace


  1. Belle Papillon 24/7

    I was guilty of this but I usually just bote my lip/tongue coz my ex drives too defensive… I told him he likes to stay on the “old lady lane” and he tells me to be quiet coz he’s not going to mess up his impeccable driving record for me. We joked back and forth about it and we laughed about it but it really makes me antsy coz he’s super chill and I’m the opposite. Just wanna get there on time. LoL

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  2. fearlessinjesuschrist

    This is a great conversation. I am companion for my mother. And when I drive my car she doesn’t make any comments whatsoever. But when I drive her car she’s constantly sighing and trying to brake the car for me and very nervous. It’s definitely interesting!

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  3. Marylynn Kohut

    I think you want to be saying that Doug is an “OFFENSIVE” driver. Defensive would mean he carefully watches for everyone else’s moves and adjusts HIS driving accordingly. Good post though. I just signed up for your automatic emails.


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