Everyday Stress

What do you do to alleviate everyday stress? You need something to turn to. Either a hobby, walking a pet, meditation, or exercise. I know the last word is a nasty one, but some people actually like exercise. I’m incapable of doing much because I have to run to the bathroom so often, maybe if I actually “ran” to the bathroom I would get some exercise.

I have a few hobbies that I turn to that help me lose my mindless stress. I have crochet, nothing I can share in pictures, because I give it all away or it looks horrible when I’m finished. I’m not real good at it, but I do enjoy it. I have endless books to read, but unless I’m reading non-fiction, I usually can’t lose myself enough to get rid of the stress. I also have coloring. I like to color. I have pencils, pens and coloring books. My favorite coloring book is by Artist Steve “Squidoodle” Turner. His work is a little off the wall for some people, but I really enjoy it. You can see one piece I colored on my IC page. He has no idea I’m promoting his books, but I saw something this morning on facebook that reminded me of his work and thought I would share.

I also like to garden, though I can’t do it anymore in the yard, I can still do some potted plants on the porch and back deck. One year I grew cucumbers from planter boxes. That was interesting. I had to water them daily and still they didn’t produce many cucumbers but they were loaded with blooms. I must have done something wrong, but I enjoyed the small amounts of time I went out and spent on the back deck.

Everyday stress can cause your body to automatically increases blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, metabolism, and blood flow to you muscles. This response is intended to help your body react quickly and effectively to a high-pressure situation. However, when you


are constantly reacting to stressful situations without making adjustments to counter the effects, you will feel stress which can threaten your health and well-being. Stress from work, arguments with family or friends, children’s behavior, school, money issues, the list goes on and on. So when you finally get a chance to sit and relax, you need to do just that, relax. Let the stress go and do something soothing for you.

Start being realistic with yourself, you are not a superhero, you deserve self-love, give it to yourself as often as you can and don’t be afraid to indulge. You can be your best friend or worst enemy.



  1. trippingthroughtreacle

    Such a good post! I also crochet and read, I try to do exercise within my limitations and meditation. Not enough of any of it though 😕 Self care is so, so important x

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