Getting to the Salon

It just isn’t easy to get to the salon these days for a haircut or manicure. I’ve given up on the manicures because of the chemicals. They flare my bladder, but I often do not feel like going in to a salon appointment. I have enough appointments with doctors and medical tests, so the small things like salon appointments fall to the wayside. I wish I had the energy to get up, take my shower, get ready and go, but I don’t. I have to rest often. Though, once I do my hair and get my clothes on, I’m out the door because there is no coming back from resting after that.

I joined Twitter and a group on there is called Spoonie. You may be familiar, but if not. The concept was developed by a person who has a chronic illness and was explaining it to a friend. Giving said friend a handful of spoons, then taking one away for each activity that a chronically ill person has to use energy to accomplish, before long you have no spoons left and no more energy. You don’t want to be caught in the middle of the city with no more spoons/energy. So we allot ourselves so many ways to expend our energy so we can get back home still functioning.

This brings me back to going to the salon. I just don’t have the extra spoon for it. My Mom used to come over and cut my hair when I wore it cut straight across..I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to getting a hair cut. But Mom has passed and so has that hair style.

I feel awful about my looks to start with. I have all the signs of Cushing’s Syndrome, mainly weight carried in my torso and none in my legs or arms. Add my frizzy hair to my weight and I’m feeling like wearing a hoodie everywhere.

I know that so many of you can relate to my predicament, but what is the answer to it? Do you have an answer you can share with me? I’m so tired all of the time that going to the doctor is more of a chore than I can handle sometimes. How am I to squeeze in a haircut?


  1. fearlessinjesuschrist

    I so get the concept of the spoons. It’s used in the MS world as well. I started using the shampoo called KMS California. They have different shampoos depending on what your hair type and color is. My hair has never look so good, I recommend it

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