Massive – Daily Prompt

I could write about several invisible illnesses using the word massive. Massive pain, massive medical issues, massive amounts of medications. But there has to be one specific topic that will touch everyone with invisible illnesses.

How about the massive respect we should have for the medical community. The hard work and long hours they put in have to be commended. Sometimes, they get irritable because they too have lives other than their jobs. I have become friends with some nurses over the years. One was so sweet and easy to talk to, she also shared secrets with me about her personal life.

She was 32, had horrible migraines and was hospitalized for a migraine that had caused her to pass out. The office staff would not tell me where she was or how she was doing. I knew something was wrong, by the way they acted, but it wasn’t until I saw in the newspaper that she had passed that they would divulge any information. She had a stroke and it killed her instantly, while in the hospital.

I attended her funeral and it was a large one, many of her patients were there, she was very well liked. I saw the one she had told me she was in love with, break down and cry, something I never thought I would see.

Next time I had a doctor’s appointment in that office, things were so different, everyone was so stoic and the doctor was all but hateful. I told him real quick that it was not something that his patients did or could change and we did not need to be treated differently because of the loss. We, as patients, lost her too. He agreed and shook my hand. It has been nearly 20 years now and it still hurts.

I will continue to befriend all the nurses and doctors that will allow me to, as they are only people with higher education.

Keep that in mind when you run across one that is having a bad day. Compliment them or give them encouragement to carry on through their day. Positive reinforcement works wonders. Be kind.



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  2. Journals of a Wildflower

    That’s a good perspective. With chronic illness, it is easy to become angry with doctors and medical community due to some of them having a lack of understanding or in some cases a lack of empathy with our illnesses. They’re only just human too, and as you said “they are only people with higher education”. We need to remember that they might just be having a bad day too.

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