Growing up Simple – Daily Prompt

My life growing up was simple. We lived out in the country on some acreage with horses and cows. My dad worked at the National Scientific Balloon Facility (now named the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility) and was a reserve Deputy Sheriff. My mom worked in a meat packing plant, but became a USDA food inspector later in life.

We did simple things, hauled cows, hauled hay, hauled horses. That is, when daddy was home. He traveled a great deal with his job, but he had a very interesting job. The balloon base was anything but simple, it was amazing. Scientist from all over the world came to our tiny town to launch their scientific gondolas under the high atmospheric balloons (not weather balloons) to take pictures of the atmosphere or collect atmospheric dust, plus many other experiments and data collecting devices.

We got to meet scientist from Germany, Peru, and many other countries. It was fascinating. I loved it when daddy would return from a trip and have his stories to tell about what he went through while away. I was silent, hanging on his every word. He would bring back little gifts too, that was always a wonderful part of my childhood.

The balloon base was so interesting. I got to go and watch balloons being launched and saw some split and fall before getting very far into the air. They were huge balloons, and filled to capacity as the helium expanded as they ascended into the atmosphere they would be large enough to fit the Astrodome of Houston.

I guess I grew up a lot more extraordinary and a lot less simple than I thought.


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