Center – Daily Prompt

When living with illness, whether invisible or not, your life becomes centered around those illnesses. Your ability to do things is limited and you have to take your time at the few things you are able to do. If you over exert, you take a chance on going into a flare.

I hate that the center of my life is my illnesses. I would much rather have it be my husband, my home life, or a job. But my home life is one big mess because I can not clean as well as I once could. My job is non-existent due to illness. Thankfully my husband is still very close to the center. But he knows that he has to take second place sometimes to the aches and pains I experience oh so very often. I do feel that I could live without my medications before I could live without my loving husband, so he is the center of my life and just gets put on hold occasionally. Of course that is the way things are, he is the center and my medications are secondary. I love this man so much. He treats me with dignity and respect. Helps me when I am hurting and aids in the house keeping. He is a real gem. I wish everyone could have a spouse as supportive as mine.



  1. ribbonrx

    Wow, I could have written this about myself! I wish I could clean my house, I just lost my job last week due to my illnesses, but my hubby is the center of my world. I’m glad you have such a supportive husband too! It can really make all the difference in the world. 😊

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