Zip – Daily Prompt

I wrote on my other blog about how I am an avid purse collector. I love them and have way too many. I just ordered another from Avon that I can’t wait to get my hands on. I always look for purses that close all the way together on top, either a zip closure or a kiss lock. The kiss locks are hard to find. You might remember them from your grandma’s days. I wish I had my grandmother’s purses. She had some nice ones with kiss locks.

I’m currently experiencing quite a bit of pain in my right hand due to carpal tunnel syndrome, I’m wearing a brace to hold it steady. Hopefully the swelling will decrease if I don’t use it too much and release the nerve that is being disturbed. I need the brace to get rid of this carpal tunnel pain, it is not in harmony with what I need to get done on my blogs.

On a positive note, I have a new purse coming! All is well and good when I get a new purse. You should jump over to my Avon estore and purchase something so I can buy more purses and shoes, I’m certain I need more shoes too. 🙂



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