Yellow – Daily Prompt

Here in the eastern part of Texas, we have had very few wintry days. By that I mean we have had zero wintry days. Maybe we got below freezing for a few hours on a couple of nights, but not enough to kill back my elephant ears. My elephant ears grow big every year and bloom a single yellow stalk of a flower. Very pretty.

The daffodils are already up and blooming their beautiful yellow flowers. It doesn’t take many warm days after a freeze for the daffodils to come up and bloom. They believe it is spring because temperatures have been so mild to hot. They are always early bloomers anyway, but I would like to see snow on the ground before they come up and bloom.

I have some other bulb flowers to plant that I bought last year for the grave sight of my beloved furbaby. She passed nearly a year ago but by the time I bought the bulbs it was too late in the year to plant them. I think now would be a great time to do that.

The trees still have some yellow leaves, but are starting to bud out, so those yellow leaves will fall soon. They never turned brown because they were so confused about the seasons.

I long for winter, gray days and rainy or icy nights. Some real wintry weather. We should have an Easter snap, as they call it. It might freeze then, right before Easter. It’s just a wait and see situation.

I hope you are enjoying your weather where ever you are. I am not enjoying the 60s and 70s. I want a real winter!


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