Automatic – Daily Prompt

I grew up in Texas, as everyone knows. My dad was a typical cowboy, boots, hat, horses, rodeos, the works. He also had a few guns. The one I liked was his 1911 .45 magnum automatic. It was a heavy gun, very powerful.

He drove an automatic transmission pickup truck and taught me how to drive in the hay field. I was so grateful that is was an automatic because I was scared to death I was going to do something wrong and get in trouble, but I did just as he told me and it worked out great.

As I got older and got my own job at a Natural Gas and Pipeline company, I had to learn to drive a standard, column shift pickup truck. That was challenging for me, though I had the basics down, push in the clutch, shift and release the clutch, my timing was off and nearly threw my teacher through the windshield a couple of times. It all worked out though, I learned to drive it, then I learned to drive a front-end loader while on the same job. But it was only a temporary job, and my time ran out. It was a fun job. I have fond memories.

Over the years, I have owned many cars and pickups, a variety of standard and automatics. I don’t think I will ever own anything other than an automatic again, it is just too much for this old woman to handle. Automatics all the way for me from now on.