Jiggle – Daily Prompt

I have had 32 surgeries to date. Some much worse than others. Some more of a procedure than an actual surgery, but when they put your to sleep and invade your body, it is considered a surgery, as I was told by a doctor. I have spent twice that amount of times in the hospital for various reasons. One in particular that comes to mind was a week-long stay for a bowel obstruction.

I developed the bowel obstruction after they removed part of my colon because it ruptured. During the healing process I got a twisted gut that caused a bowel obstruction. The doctor, knowing my history, tried to let it resolve itself by keeping me in the hospital for a week. Feeding me nothing but a liquid diet and that included Jello. I hate Jello! I always have and I always will hate the jiggle of Jello. But, since that was basically all I had to eat for a week, I ate the mess. I gagged and pitched a fit, but I got it down every day for a week. I also lost about 10 pounds in the process. I was very thin back then and the weight just fell off of me. Oh how I long for the days of it falling off so easily.

The bowel obstruction did not resolve itself, but I managed to live with it for a year by not eating any fat, then they went back in and untwisted the twist. And I was back on Jello for a week. I hate that jiggly stuff!


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