Record – Daily Prompt

Your heart is your life. If it stops beating you die. You can continue living with a dead brain, but not a dead heart. That is why doctors are always talking about heart health and how important it is to follow their guidelines.

I was born with a heart murmur, it can be heard at times with a stethoscope when I am at my weakest or when my blood count drops (anemia). A clinician can record this murmuration with an electrocardiogram or EKG/ECG.

When getting an EKG/ECG, sensors or electrodes are placed in specific spots on your chest, arms and legs, depending on how many leads the EKG is set up with. I’ve had 3 lead to 12 lead EKGs. The higher the number of leads, the better the test results.

It takes only moments for the clinician to get the information they need to show what the electric activity of your heart is doing, or if you have had any cardiac events. It can tell the clinician the orientation of the heart in the chest, the thickness of the heart muscle, any impaired blood flow to the heart, and any abnormal cardiac rhythms.

I’ve had many EKGs, as I must have one before every surgery and there have been times I have been admitted to the hospital for cardiac (heart) problems. I have an extra beat occur when I am feeling bad too. It feels like a jolt of electricity hitting me from the inside. But that extra beat could not be caught on the short EKG test, so I had to wear a monitor while in the hospital for several days. Once diagnosed with the extra heart beat and a heart catheterization,(kath-uh-tur-ih-ZAY-shun),  I was sent home with no additional medication, but a strict heart healthy diet.

Eat your veggies and healthy fats!


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